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Vibro Screen, Vibratory Screen

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Vibro Screen
Vibro Screen Operation
Vibro Screen, Vibratory Screen
Vibro Screen S.S. Vibro Screen
Vibro Screen S.S. Vibro Screen
Model : API -1
Screen Diameter : 24"
Motor ( Hp ) : 0.5
Model : API - 2
Screen Diameter : 36"
Motor ( Hp) : 1.0
Model : API - 3
Screen Diameter : 48"
Motor ( Hp) : 1.5
All Model are available in M.S. and if given the special order, contact parts are available in S.S. also.
Unique Features
Due to advanced vibration technology the separation is near perfect.
Long Screen Life
The Screen cloth is held in the frame very tight by a special process. This gives long life to the screen.
No Clogging of Screen
As the Screen vibrates in multiplane the holes of the screen remain clear. Additional antiblinding system is provided for difficult and wet materials.
Compact Design
This Screen occupies less that half the spaces as occupied by any other screen of same capacity
Replacement of Screen frames simple
Replacing or adding of extra deck and screen frame is simple operation. Even lower deck could be changed without disturbing the upper decks.
Multi Purpose Versatile Use
Due to its unique design, the same screen can be put to multi purpose use.
Totally Enclosed Pollution Free
The screen is totally enclosed such that no dusting takes even in the finest classification.
Economy in Power Consumption
This design of machine consumes less power than other traditional screen of identical capacity.
Silent Operation
The machine has perfectly designed coil springs so that no vibrations are transferred on the floor.
Vibro Screen incoporate the advanced technology in screen design. The multiplane mechanical vibrations are obtained by special motor with shaft extended on both sides having essentric adjustable weights. The motor is mounted in Vertical plane. The complete assemble of screen frames and motor rest on a rigid circular base through a set of coil springs which allows the system to vibrate freely in multidirection. While the upper eccentric weight on motor imparts horizontal motion, the lower eccentric weight adds to vibrations in vertcal plane. The net result is high screening effciency. The flow pattern of the powder on the screen surface is controlled by varying the position of bottom eccentric weight as explained later.
Seadking Oscillating Separator  
  Special Features
Seadking Oscillating Seperator
Separate Pods, srraws & lighter impurities like shells have & smaller seed
Automatic separation : Three different part comes out through three different outlets.
Gunny bag holding arrangement
Eliminate hand picking of commodities
Total recovery of goods grains
Occupies less space & consumes less power
Easy to operate
Minimum maintenance
Variable speed operation for accurate seperation for Groundnut seed.
Model : A.O.I.- 03
Power : 1.5 H.P.
Capacity : 300 to 500 Kg Hr.
Dimension : 3' x 4' x 6' Hight
Model : A.O.I. -04
Power : 2 H.P.
Capacity : 1200 to 1500 Kg Hr.
Dimension : 4.5' x 4.5' x 6.5' Height

Seadking Destoner

Seadking Destoner
Traditional method to clean food grain is by using sieve., Sieves are useful to separate out stone which are either big or smaller in size than the food grain but this types of sieving machines are fail to remove stones which are of same in size with food grain. The Destoner machine efficient to remove all such types of stones.
Destoner is useful to clean Rice, Dalls, Maize, Wheat, Paddy, Spices and Oil Seed.
Machine useful for Department Stores, Bazars, Oil Mils, Spice industry food processing units etc.
Seadking Destoner Available in two models.  
Seadking 500
Model : A.P. - 1
Power : 2 H.P. ( Three / Single Phase )
Capacity : 500 Kg. / Hour
Dimension : 33" x 24" x 60" ( 838 mm x 609 mm x 1542 mm )
Seadking Destoner
Seadking 1000
Model : A.P. -2
Power : 5 H.P.
Capacity : 1000 Kg / Hour
Dimension : 40" x 33" x 66" ( 101 mm x 838 mm x 167 mm )
Seadking 3000
Model : A.P. -3
Power : 10 H.P.
Capacity : 3000 Kg/ Hour
Dimension : 63" x 40" x 40" ( 1660 mm x 1020 mm x 1020 mm )
Seedking Raisin Grading Machines
Raisin Grading Machine
With the help of our state-of-the-art infrastructure unit, we are able to manufacture superlative quality Raisin Grading Machine. The offered machine is manufactured with the help of supreme quality components and sophisticated machines in compliance with set industry norms. It is widely used for processing Raisins in number of specifications for our clients to choose from. Clients can avail this machine from us at affordable rate.

Raisins are fed into a feed hopper where they are evenly distributed by a feed roller and drop through a controlled gate on the top sieve. Before falling on Top Screen, Raisins are subjected to primary aspiration which drains off chaff, straw, dust, deceased Raisins etc. Material is then passed through two sieve layer for separation according to width and thickness. Sieve perforations are kept cleaned by specially designed mechanism. After passing through screens, cleaned/graded material again passes through air sifter. Final product and impurities are collected separately through discharge chutes.

Features :
• Smooth functioning
• Anti corrosive
• Easy to operate
• Automatic Raisins feeding
• Low Maintenance
• Compact Design
• Minimum Space
• Motor Driven or Engine Driven
• Can be used for other Grains

Specifications :
Grading Capacity 500 KG/Hour
• 5 HP Electric Motor or 5 HP Engine
• Size :- 40”x33”x66”
• Weight :- 350 KG.
Bedane Separator
Bedane Separator
• 5 H.P. / 3 phase
• Capacity 500 kg per hour



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Ribbon Blender Mixer

Ribbon Blender Mixer
Ribbon Blender Mixer Ribbon Blender Mixer
Ribbon Blender Mixer

• Weight - 40kg
• Capacity 500 kg per hour



S. S. Ribbon Blender

S. S. Ribbon Blender
S. S. Ribbon Blender S. S. Ribbon Blender
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